Thursday, January 1, 2015

SSDs on Mavericks

As I use Mavericks more and more, I like it because of various utilities that required Mavericks. Apple is an interesting company due to its closed door and leave them behind policy. If you’re not on the latest and greatest, whether it is hardware or software, you’re going to get left behind and things don’t work as well anymore. It’s great if your economy depends on new revenue, but it sucks as the consumer because you have to upgrade.

In any case, while people do say that the OS is faster, it started feeling slower for me. Disk copy of large files would take a while and using Vagrant, I can see the transfer speeds of some large file IO would give me 1-10 MB/s. I have SSDs on my system and while the boot OS is more than 50% full, I don’t understand how it could be soooo slow. I ran some benchmark test and sure enough, I was getting maximum of 20MB/s on the boot drive. It didn’t make sense and then I remembered that Apple doesn’t like third party SSDs. So I checked around the Internet and ran across this link ( I downloaded the linked utility and enabled trim. Rebooted and voila! I’m getting faster disk IO again (145 MB/s). Not as fast as a brand new SSD, but still plenty fast!

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