Saturday, October 31, 2015

Apple Watch

I now have my Watch for almost 3 weeks. I have the sport version with the gold color. I didn’t want to pay extra for just the stainless steel look. A couple of first impressions. First, I don’t like the rubber watch bands. They’re not comfortable and the holes are too far apart for the fit to be that comfortable. So instead, I got the endless loop in blue to match the other gear.

Second, I didn’t realize how quickly I would find the watch indispensable for alerts. It is really easy to check on any alerts and see if it is important enough to take out either the phone or iPad or computer to respond. In my field, alerts are my lifelines. I need to get them as soon as possible, but I’m not always at a place where I can take out my phone disrupt the flow. But looking at a watch is much more socially acceptable.

Third, paying by watch is SO convenient. Paying by phone is cool, but not having to take out the phone to pay is even better.

There are some additional health benefits as it stopped my wife from telling me to get up and walk around. It keeps track of my heart rate. It controls my music. I have yet to take it on a run, although that’s planned. Stay tuned… More coming.