Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Code Keyboard

My code keyboard ( arrived yesterday! I opted for the cherry mx keys so that it’s a little quieter. I don’t want to have to have my family wear earplugs while I type. This keyboard certainly makes me miss my old Dell/IBM mechanical keyboards. I remember typing on those keyboards and it would raise a racket. My roommate from way back then told me a few years ago that when I typed, she could her it in her bedroom and that it would provide some comfort for her knowing that someone else was in the house.

The only improvement I would make on this keyboard would be making it ergonomic. I understand that most keyboards are the way they are because that’s the way they’ve always been since the typewriter days. In this day and age, we know more about how our wrists and forearms work and which are the better positions for us while we type. Especially for us guys with wider shoulders.

I know that for a lot of folks (gamers) prefer wired keyboards for the response times. And I would agree with them, as split seconds determine whether you live or die in a lot of video games. As a programmer who types a lot and not necessarily button mashing, I don’t think I can type fast enough to need that kind of response time. Instead, I would like a wireless, preferably bluetooth option.

Otherwise, I definitely like the mechanical keyboard. I tend to think that other keyboards are too mushy now. And after getting used to this keyboard, I don’t think I would switch to any other, except when they have a newer version with wireless or ergonomic features.

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