Friday, January 2, 2015

Time Machine

Along with not blogging, I have been lax with backups. Ever since my 3TB USB 2 time machine drive died, I haven’t been good at backing up my main work machine. I have a Carbon Copy of my entire boot drive which I update every now and again, but I don’t have anything for my secondary hard drive.

I added a secondary hard drive a long time ago by adding an OptiBay drive kit from It doesn’t take too long and the videos provide all the information necessary. They even give you a housing for the optical drive in case you wanted to use it externally. However, it requires 2 usb connectors, one for power and the other for data. I previously have an external usb dvd read/writer that uses a single usb port. Sometimes, I don’t get what the designers were thinking.

Elsewhere in the house, I’ve been using Crashplan for my offsite backup. That has worked really well and I’m glad to say that I haven’t had a need to restore anything from there yet.

So finally, I ordered a 4TB drive from Amazon and it got here today. I installed it and my Mac helpfully told me that my last backup was in February 2014. Thanks. The Mac is now busy backing up 608GB worth of stuff (excluding VMs too!).

After this is done, then I will update my Carbon Copy ( since I’ve upgraded to Mavericks.

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