Saturday, January 3, 2015

Apple Products

What is it about the Apple products that make them cool and desirable? I think it is the way that they look, but the even better reason for me is the way they work together. As recently mentioned, I’ve upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mavericks. This gives me a way to have both a desktop version of the ebook reader and a mobile version and have the reading position shared between devices, making moving between devices seamless. I also have an Android Nexus Tablet that I use for reading as well. But a BIG problem is that it doesn’t share the reading position. They’re not the same library. I don’t want to have to organize 2 different libraries and somehow keep them in sync. That’s way too much work.

Another piece of the coolness puzzle happens when you have more than one family member with an iOS device. Li has an iPhone and she has my older iPad. But we recently gave Li’s dad my old iPhone 5. Sharing photos and videos is sooo much easier now that we all have access to iCloud photo sharing. It’s really neat to see his face light up he can see pictures we’ve taken almost right away.

For me, it’s also not just the books, but also my reading context in Safari. I was using Chrome all the way. But after running some benchmarks, I’ve decided to use Safari on my iOS devices. For reading continuity, I used to use Pocket and save web pages to it. I’ve decided to switch to Safari on my Mac desktop as well, just so that I can get my tabs saved to the cloud and being able to pick them up on my iOS device. It’s just the little things like that that make it easier.

Using cross platform applications such as Pocket or Evernote isn’t too hard, but saving the extra click or having things done in the background and available to me right away is really awesome and made a convert out of me.

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