Monday, September 3, 2012

Nine Months!

After nine months, or as long as Richard's been inside Li, he's now been outside of Li. He continues to astound and amaze me everyday. Just this morning, I saw him trying to stand. He doesn't even know how to get into a sitting position from a laying down position yet, and he's trying to stand. It's really cute how he gets into a sitting position by first kneeling on something and then turning his body to sit. He's really cute at sitting somehow maintaining balance. This weekend, we went to a restaurant by the ocean and while we took his stroller in, the restaurant preferred we kept the stroller outside given that the restaurant had narrow walkways between tables. They gave us a high chair. Richard was like a gentleman just quietly sitting there munching on bread. We found out that he likes to eat when we're eating as well when we eat outside. Sometimes we go to places that don't have things for him to eat. Whenever we can, we do give him something new to try. Today was not one of those days. But he was just really happy to eat bread. Love the way he just try to put food into his mouth. He's still learning about using his fingers for small stuff. He's really good at turning pages in a book or magazine. We love you Richard! Only three weeks left until you see your grandparents again.