Monday, December 22, 2014

Big Evernote Scare

Today, just experienced a wild scary Evernote moment. I searched for a term I searched before "ubuntu" as I needed to look up a note I created a long time ago. I've searched for this note many times before, but it wasn't there! I kept trying to search for other terms I knew that had to be there: "tomcat", "repository", "java", and yet nothing came up. It was starting to drive me crazy. I figured it must have been deleted. I knew that there were times I've left my computer unlocked and Richard played with my computer. Or it could have been Li as we were cleaning today and she cleaned my keyboard. Regardless of who did it, I didn't really care, but really wanted to get my info back. I came across a link about how to look in the trash for deleted notes. Luckily, I had already upgraded my Evernote to premium for the offline notes support. This also included deleted notes history! Whew, I finally found my notes and restoring them took only a few clicks.

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