Saturday, March 10, 2018

SSD on Macbook Air and El Capitan

At work, I was given a 2011 13” Macbook Air with 4GB ram and 256GB storage space. This isn’t my main work machine, but one that I can carry around much more easily when I’m on call. Setting this machine up has been a lot of fun because I’ve had my main work machine since 2010 and there’s been all this extra stuff installed on it. Installation of things is a whole lot simpler than before. There’s brew. There’s virtualbox/vagrant for running other stuff.

But even then, 256GB doesn’t go a very long way. So I’ve upgrade the box with 1TB ssd. The speed has been pretty amazing. The ONLY thing left to gripe about is that I can’t upgrade the ram. It’s been soldered in. Yes, it does save space and reduces heat, but it still sucks that I can’t upgrade.

I also use this machine around the house and as an air display target.

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