Thursday, April 9, 2015

To Yosemite!

No, not the place, but the newest Mac OS X operating system. I had recently upgraded to Mavericks, and now I’m on to Yosemite. Why? See this: My work is extremely sensitive to security issues. Security is probably the biggest feature and differentiator between our services compared to our competitors. Of course, with the recent Sony hacks, regardless of whether it was internal or external, security has become an even bigger issue for us.

And so I’m now on to Yosemite. I have to say that unlike the last time I tried upgrading, this time, it went fairly well. The computer didn’t reboot entirely on its own, but after a manual turn off/on cycle, the upgrade went smoothly. So far, I only noticed that Mysql didn’t start automatically. And I had to install a new version of the USB DisplayLink driver specifically for Yosemite.

Here’s hoping everything else works smoothly!

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