Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Five Months

It has been 5 months since the birth of our son. He's been a joy to behold. He's such an easy friendly out-going boy. I hope he never changes. What is it about a baby that makes your world turn upside down, not necessarily for the worse. A lot of people say their lives change. Of course that's true. You now have someone who totally depends on you for EVERYTHING!

The part most people don't tell you is the reward you get. Everyone tells you about the problems and the responsibilities. But the parts they want to keep to themselves (for a good reason) are the moments in which your baby connects with you and makes you forget about the problems and the responsibilities. And they come in bunches and in a hurry. Moments like watching him nurse and how awesome it is for baby to get nutrients from his mom. Or when he smiles right before falling asleep. Or the way he giggles at the most simplest of things. Or how he smells. Or the way his skin feels. Or the many many different looks on his face as he's learning or investigating his environment. Or the way he stares into your eyes and you get lost.

I remember on our last day in the hospital and the nurse went over the final checklist for things we should and should not do. Fairly basic stuff. But there was one thing they mentioned and I guess they mention it only because they see if often enough is "Don't shake the baby." We immediately thought who would ever do such a thing to a defenseless little baby? I guess you can say we fell in love with him rather quickly.

He's growing at such a fast rate. We have to slow down and appreciate him more. There's not a day that goes by without us astonished at the things he do.

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