Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Alright, after really moving things into the cloud, I realize that there's one feature I don't have in the cloud: backup. So even though I moved things into the cloud, I'm still worried about having other files on my computers that are only backed up locally. After doing some research, I finally settled on Carbonite. It's got the best price: $59 a year! Other companies offer storage for a price per month whereas Carbonite offers unlimited storage. They charge by the computer for the year. Can't beat that price. I'm going through a trial period now. Another feature I love is that my files are available through my portable devices. Give them a try!

Update: There are two serious limitations to Carbonite that prevent it for my use. The first is that there is a rate limit for the uploads from my computer to their site. The second is that it doesn't backup my external hard drives. How dumb are these restrictions? I totally can't understand the first restriction. I have 450GB of pictures! If you restrict my upload, how long will it take to upload this? Maybe a year? Ugh.

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